a little bit of vintage & lace…

alright girls…

 grab you boots…

because I thought we would go on a little tour today…

Magnolia Pearl is one of my most favorite booths in Marbuger Farm

but most of you might have already guessed that…

 Robin’s clothes have such a wonderful since of Romance, Whimsy &

Feminine Beauty all rolled up in one…

but not only that…

she herself, is an all around beautiful person!

XoXxo~ amy

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9 Responses to a little bit of vintage & lace…

  1. Alison Gibbs says:

    Amy what gorgeous photos. I so love Robins clothes and everyone says what a sweetheart she is. I think she needs to come over here to Australia – we would adore her too

  2. Cathy Guess says:

    Love all the pics…….she is quite the designer, and I LOVE all of her clothing! She has such a unique style….hope to meet her someday!
    Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin!

  3. Yes she is, absolutely beautiful inside and out, as you are. And the last photo says it all for me, one of the best highlights of the show!

  4. Anne says:

    GREAT photos!
    These are the best pics I’ve seen of Robin’s space yet.
    But no big surprise there! 😉

    Love the sweet pic of Robin and Theresa!

    Check your date book and calendar, I wanna go play together!


  5. Diane Cook says:

    Great pictures Amy….I know when I am in that booth I feel so very feminine AND free =)

  6. deb taylor says:

    stunning photos! as always!

  7. Amy, you capture the romance of her designs so well! I love peeking through your lens!

  8. Dottimae says:

    Love all of the clothes, and those boots are great! I need to get my a pair of cowboy boots as I am seeing them everywhere.

  9. Wow. Those are just beautiful! The whole booth is beautiful! 🙂 And I love people who aren’t afraid to be themselves!!

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