Good Morning Sweet Friends! I know things have been running a little slow here over at the ol’ blog… but I have so much to share.

Mom & I headed to Round Top for the Spring Show & had such a great time!!!!


We met up with the beautiful Girls of Rusted Gingham , Suzanne & Tracy on Sunday and walked around the fields by Zapp Hall before hitting Theresa’s blog party…

{ my beautiful australian friend Tamarah }

We met up with so many great friends & beautiful bloggers at Theresa’s blog party!

Jolie {junk gypsy’s}  & Susie {vintage susie}

& my sweet friend Amie of the Junk Gypsy’s! LoVe the Junk Gypsy style!!!!

 tomorrow i’ll give you a little sneak peek from marburger farms & share a little bit of my special friends that sell there…



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  1. Amy, we had a great time with you and your mom! I laughed so much my smile muscles got really sore! It was a perfect day to spend with friends. Looking forward to more days like that! ♥ Tracy

  2. deb taylor says:

    loving your view of the show…

  3. robelyn says:

    Look at that – you have pictures of all my favorites!!!!! Think Amie & Jolie will teach me how to be as photogenic as they are? And – I LOVED meeting pretty lil’ Vintage Susie!!!!

    ;-D Can’t wait to see more!


  4. Mindy says:

    Awww! I miss everyone already! ~Mindy

  5. Alison Gibbs says:

    OMG, what a fun time you all had.
    Oh and there is our lovely Aussie Tamarah
    looking forward to more pics

  6. Mom says:

    Very well said Amy! What an awesome time! What a great bunch of beautiful girls inside and out! I miss them too!

  7. You are such a great photographer! I actually like this pic of myself and I normally don’t like myself in any pics. Loved visiting with you and your mom.

  8. Looks amazing. Round Top is definitely on my “bucket list”.

  9. I had a ball— laughter is the best! What a fabulous day- look forward to many more in years to come!!!

  10. LLH Designs says:

    Look how cute you are! I missed Marburger, etc. this Spring, but it wasn’t meant to be.

    Thanks so much for your comment about my business decision. I’m honored that God might use some of my experience to inspire others. And b he way, I absolutely LOVE 1,000 Gifts! I’ve been wanting to do a post on it, but it’s one of those things I think God has just wanted me to meditate on quietly this Spring. So, so, SO good!

    Happy Friday, sweet Amy!

  11. Janet says:

    great pics girlfriend! wishing we were all there right now!

  12. Anne says:

    Very nice!
    Can’t wait to see more!


  13. I want to be able to take pictures like you! They are great!

  14. I am a Gypsy Chick stalker now. Wonderful photos!! The Indian chief says hey!

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