Who are the Gypsy Chix? Well it is really anyone who ends up with me on a crazy adventure. Be it out junkin’ or just out about for the day. You never really know what Gypsy will end up here.


I’m not sure what was hotter in Warrenton, the Texas Heat, or the Fall Antiques Show!

This is one of the Hottest tickets out there! That Sweet Trash Talkin’ Debbie!

And the irresistible Cat Daddy

The cutest couple ever! Mindy & David

I have one word to describe that Polly

Theresa is one of the Best Hostess around

I really enjoyed meeting all of my blog friends in person!

And speaking of new blog friends. You have got to meet this guy! He is awesome.
This is Stan Williams with his new book THE FIND. I gotta tell you that I just love this book and can’t put it down.

One Response to adventures

  1. Wendy Bumpus says:

    OH, to have been in Warrenton!!! I just stumbled across your blog, and I assure you I will be back…I love finding folks in the blog world who have the same kind of outlook as I do. So, nice to meet you, Amy. Love your blog, your kiddos are adorable!

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