about me

Hello!  My name is  Amy Boland & I am a Texas-based Photographer Specializing in Children, Commercial,  Family & Senior Portrait Photography


A little about me:

My journey first began as a stay at home mother of three beautiful children and the need to capture those beautiful everyday moments.  I bought my first DLSR camera in the fall of 2009 & fell in love with  photography…

I would best describe my style as fun, fresh, & a little bit funky.


I have a passion for vintage items.  There is nothing more beautiful than the patina of a rusty old pick up or a tattered armchair, in fact I have been known to drag all sorts of vintage furniture down a dusty road for that one perfect shot.


As a mother of three children, and have definitely sat though my fair share of stuffy posed sessions, just hoping for that perfect shot. I love to capture those “in between moments.” The moments of you gently brushing the hair from your child’s eyes, or cracking jokes to make the person feel comfortable in front of the camera. Each session is guaranteed to be fun, fresh, natural, & spontaneous.  

Natural Lifestyle Photography! 


One Response to about me

  1. Gwyn Rosser says:

    Hey Amy – Thanks for stopping by The Pink Tractor. I finally!! had some time to browse the blogs a bit this afternoon. Love yours. Looks like you have a fun and busy life going on. So glad it’s Friday and I get a few days off from my part-time? job at the post office. I tell ya – this working every day is wearin’ me out 🙂 But, I’m excited that we are headed out to the San Angelo rodeo tonight. I saw your post about the San Antonio rodeo a while back. I just love a good rodeo!!!

    Gwynie Pie at The Pink Tractor

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