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Come fly away with me…

Hi girls, well I am sorry to say that Kenzie’s wings are MIA (missing in action). I suppose a little fairy must of snuck in & took them for herself. You know how those silly little fairies are. So, I thought … Continue reading

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Hi ya’ll

*****Just wanted to add a little note***** Someone is spamming my reply box! If for some reason you get a reply e-mail.  DO NOT OPEN IT!!!! Just come back to the site to read replies. I am so sorry that … Continue reading

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the best $2.99 I ever spent

Play dates. You gotta love them! But sometimes, on a cold winters day, they might need a little distraction I found a package of butterfly/fairy wings at Michael’s. 6 for $2.99. What a deal! Just add a little paint, glitter & imagination. … Continue reading

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Hide & Seek

Do you want to play Hide & Seek with me? You run  & hide.  I will count to 10 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10…  ready or not…     I think the sun is hiding … Continue reading

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Motherhood: to look after somebody with great care and affection, sometimes to an excessive degree.  I have decided that if I can survive the teenage years, I can survive ANYTHING!!!  (let’s just say it was a long weekend!)

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how does you garden grow?

We planted our first garden when we moved into this house in the spring of 2008. Incidentally that is about the time that I had started blogging. Back then I blogged as 3cheers4mom.  My garden post was my second post ever, … Continue reading

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Just here for the show….

Last night we headed back out to the San Antonio Rodeo & Live Stock Show. This time we made a couple of stops, then we made our way to the rodeo arena. I have to tell you that I love … Continue reading

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Every Day

My little guy is a such a great helper.He just loves to vacuum & who am I to not let the little guy have some fun, One of these day’s he will make some woman very happy   Hopefully he … Continue reading

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A House Full of Love

 Love It might be where you least expect it.  Yes, even in  Kenzie’s chair with all the paint stuck to it…  But everywhere I look I see love around me… Happy Valentines Day!

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Out of the Rain

   As I was driving home from the high school yesterday morning, I noticed a teenage boy walking to school. It was 38 & raining, and he was obviously cold. As I drove past him, he looked at me with … Continue reading

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