my muse…

do you have a muse???



well i do…


we met sometime ago… 


and she opened my eyes to a whole new self…


 my little goddess of inspiration… 
 art, culinary, photography,  and other creative activities.
in my eyes, there is nothing that she can not do…
so thank you my little muse…
for inspiring me…

{all images property of deb taylor & deb taylor photography}

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10 Responses to my muse…

  1. Fantastic post and what lovely pictures!


  2. deb taylor says:

    oh Amy….I am all a flutter!! Thank you for such a sweet endearing tribute…I adore you~~flap flap~~

  3. debbie york says:

    Excellent choice!

  4. Anne says:

    I’ve met her!
    Great choice!

    Hmmm, I’ve had quite a few muses, but I guess my Number one is my sweet friend Carol Spinski.

    Love your pics, as usual!

  5. deb taylor says:

    Matt is my Muse. He always reminds me to create for the sake of creating…not to re-sell or mass produce. Just create. Be still and allow it to flow. And when I take his advice, the magic always seems to happen and the good stuff begins to flow!! Thanks again Amy for a beautiful compliment here on your beautiful blog, by beautiful YOU!

  6. LLH Designs says:

    What a high compliment to your muse! Isn’t inspiration wonderful? A gift from God for sure!


  7. Monica says:


    mine would have to be Nature. It’s underlying all-pervading essence.

  8. miss robyn says:

    I have never met Deb.. I live in Australia.. I stumbled upon her blog not long ago.. and just reading her words and looking at her photos have inspired me no end.. on a long journey to myself xo

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