HaPpy VaLenTines DaY!!!

i just wanted to take a moment & wish all of you a very happy valentines day!

XoXXo~ amy

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love unexpected…

happy friday ya’ll!

i decided to have a little linky fun & join in Jeanne & Courtney’s  project of discovering   love.

This weeks theme is titled unexpected  love…

  this one has to be a little hard for me because at times i have felt like i might not…

measure up in many ways. i have jokingly said that i will always see myself as an amateur, that way if something comes out really well, then i can say “wow, did i do that?”

when i bought my first dlsr camera a few years ago,  i discovered an unexpected  love for photography. but never would have realized how that love might change me… 

or how i would see the world…

it has tought me that if you keep clicking along, that you might get that one perfect shot…

  it has tought me to stop & appreciate the little details in life & how quickly it can change.

 it has allowed me to take new adventures & explore places that i might not have other wise noticed.

it has also taught me a bit self acceptance, to be a little more brave…

 but most of all to learn to love myself along the way!

XoXXo~ amy

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a little sprucing up…

In a few days time the old casa has a fresh coat of paint… 

and was ready to host the girl scout meeting


i have to tell you,  spend a couple of days painting;

going up & down a ladder…         

 you really realized how out of shape you might be…

the color is Restoration Hardware: cappuccino  

{notice the paint on the ceiling..awesome!}

i must confess that when it first went on the walls looked very grey, and i was a little freaked out… i had spent quit a bit of money on 3 gallons of paint & had already mixed all of the cans in a large bucket to ensure that the colors would all be even. {i would recommend doing this just because who knows how long the cans have been sitting in the store.}

i just decided that i would bite the bullet & keep painting. Like the great Carolyn Westbrook told me last fall grey is the new brown…


 {this is the formal living room… new slip covered chairs from world market}

 i decided to make a little canvas to hang in between the window & the cabinet. I wanted something with just a little bit of color… I used old bingo cards, music sheets & the Jane Austen book page from Jeanne

 a few of my favorite things in & on the cabinets

the branch was a sper of the moment thing..

cut out little hearts from some old music sheets, then added a little glitter.

I thought that it might make for a cute little Valentines Day display…

the clock was my favorite find of the weekend though…

wanted this one from RH

Chateau-Thierry Clock

but had a nice little price tag to go with it…

got this one at world market for 30% off {$35 total} it had a couple of little chips in it… but it works…

so there it is… my little casa…

thought that i should go ahead & take a few pictures..

you know… while it is still clean

XoXXo~ Amy

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to paint or not to paint… that is the question

Hello sweet friends, I need your help & advice today! I am in a panic because I have a little sprucing up to do around the old house.

You see next tuesday my house is hosting the girl scout meeting…

and  there is nothing like 12 girls & their lovely mothers coming over to get you rear in gear & do a little make over.

So here is the problem….

I have been trying to decided on paint for over a year. I mean, how many shades of beige can there really be????

So the not so thinking girl that i am, had decided to paint the samples on the {gold} walls…  And well, this is how it has stayed for what feel like forever.

I could take the easy way out & hang a picture over it & no one would ever know the difference, but i am really tired of the gold walls & am ready for a little fresher look.

so here is my question to you…

do you know of any good paint colors? I have a sherman williams, home depot, lowes, & benjamin moore in the areas. So I can have a pretty good selection…

I think that I might leave the Chocolate brown wall for later, but have time to paint that also.

the pictures are a little old {prephotography} but already started taking stuff down 🙂

Thank you!



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i am a dot com!

you knew it was coming….

it was only a matter of time….

but now it is official….

i am a DOT COM…

in a few weeks this Gypsy is moving to www.amyboland.com so make sure you update your blogroll because there really are some exciting new changes…

and i just want to make sure that all of the Gypsies are included!


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i just love getting little things in the mail…

it was wrapped up so cute that i almost didn’t want to open it!

a few weeks ago, i was shopping around a fellow bloggers Etsy store, when i had noticed that she had reposted a bag that i had adored for a while…

{wait… let me back up here…}

this blogger actually happens to be

one of my most favorite bloggers in ALL of blogland…

Jeanne Oliver of A Bushel & a Peck

 Jeanne is incredible talented & has impeccable style…


she is an artist, photographer, you name it she does it!

not to minchin is an absolute sweetheart to boot!


Jeanne, i just love my new camera bag!!!! thank you so much!!!!

now i’m off to sneak my camera into the Spurs game tonight, hopefully i will not get into trouble… again….

XOXXO! amy

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11 years & counting….

This weekend the hubs & i celebrated our anniversary…

11 years!

earlier that week he decided to let me know that he had planned a little “romantic weekend” with just the two of us… it had been a surprise, but needed to tell me because he realized that i had made plans to go to an Antiques Fair with my sweet friend Kristi….

early saturday morning we headed to fredericksburg, which is only about an hour & a half from our house. It was cool & misting… but we had a great time just wondering the streets of fredericksburg. we did a little shopping & wine tasting, then headed out to the B&B that he had reserved in Comfort.

I decided not to take too many pictures this weekend & left the computer at home….

Just the two of us….

it was nice, quite & very relaxing!

so here’s to you my sweet darling! for putting up with me all of these years….

you are one in a million & that is no…..


xoxxo amy!

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i am a slacker…


date: january 14, 2011

goals for the new year: 7  

goals broken in one week: 10

in 2011 i wanted to make alot of changes…

explore my creative side… lose weight… travel… you know crazy stuff like that…

goal 1… to lose weight… i can honestly say that i have lost a couple of pound… one because i am so distracted that i forget to eat, or maybe it is because i have so much coffee pumping though my veins that is has sped up my metabolism… either way, it is not the healthy way to do things… the good news is that i have cut out my addiction to Dr. Pepper, but have replaced it with coffee. Most of it is because it has been unbelievably cold here in …

but also because my darling husband bought me this for Christmas…

the coffee cup was a gift from my sister to my my husband…

we also bought a Wii fit…

i decided to give up my gym membership for two reasons… 1 because i hate getting up at 5am  & driving in the cold to go work out… i have had the membership for some time now, but have only used it a handful of times… you know it is bad when the girls at the front desk keep asking you if you are a “new member…”

 anyways so we bought this Wii, and it is NEVER a good sign when you step on the platform board and it actually tells you


then my 16 year old daughter walks in & ask’s why my little icon bubby look so funny…


i sent her skinny little butt to her room… {ha ha not really.. but i should have}

goal 2: Most of my focus this week has been on the Brave Girls workshop that started on Tuesday…

i am have been so excited for this workshop & can only say how AMAZING it is….

all i can really share with you is that there is ALOT of painting

my journal: i hand painted sketchbook 🙂

gluing {i am having a new love affair with Mod Podge}  

journaling & SOUL searching….

***IT IS AWESOME!!!!!*** but because i am so focused on that then i am seriously slacking on my 365 project….

{ok maybe i am being a bit of a DRAMA QUEEN… i am only 4 days behind}


 but that is how i roll…

so….how has your week be so far? are you on track? or a slacker like me???

 xoxxo! amy 

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i have to tell you that i have heard this song on the radio a thousand times, but it wasn’t until i came across the video, that something just clicked for me:

now it has a whole new meaning…

“Do you ever feel like a plastic bag    Drifting through the wind    Wanting to start again…

Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin
Like a house of cards
One blow from caving in

Do you ever feel already buried deep
Six feet under scream
But no one seems to hear a thing

Do you know that tehre’s still a chance for you
Cause there’s a spark in you

You just gotta ignite the light
And let it shine
Just own the night
Like the Fourth of July

Cause baby you’re a firework
Come on show ’em what your worth
Make ’em go “Oh, oh, oh!”
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Baby you’re a firework
Come on let your colors burst
Make ’em go “Oh, oh, oh!”
You’re gunna leave ’em fallin’ down-own-own

You don’t have to feel like a waste of space
You’re original, cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow

Maybe you’re reason why all the doors are closed
So you can open one that leads you to the perfect road

The Brave Girls  Soul Restoration Workshop begins today!

 I am so excited!  They have also set up an online community!

{You do not have to be enrolled in the workshop to participate…}

i hope that you have a fabulous day

 don’t forget to SHINE BRIGHT !!!




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quick to the bat cave…

today was a very special day…

my little man turned 4 today, 

what can i say about little boys, but i am totally convinced that i had him just to keep me entertained…

he always makes me laugh, in fact as i am writing this he is bouncing off the walls chanting something about batman… then out of nowhere exclaims

“i tooted…” without even missing a beat. { yes, i said it}

… a boy’s inability to share everything with you, but you just can’t help but laugh…

for instance while at the neighborhood park, he decided to fill his little pockets with pebbles. which sagged his pants down almost as low as a plumbers… I was able to convince him that he should leave a trail so that we could find out way back to the park tomorrow…

 thought that it had worked,

& most of the pebbles were gone…

until later that night when my husband had informed me that my sweet son had decided to fill my pillow case with the remainder of the pebbles…

{***note to self no longer read my son the princess & the pea… there is no telling what i might find under my bed}

so here’s to you my darling son! i love you to the moon & back!


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