She art…

So I gotta tell you that I have had a little more than just dirt on my hands this week….

I am in the process of taking Christy Tomlinson’s  She Art workshopI totally ADORE Christy and her workshop. She is wonderful at explaining just the right ways to look outside the box & use everyday items to add  depth & textures to your canvas!

I think that she did a video just for me {not really} On using found object, old paper tags, Emphera, you know all of that fun stuff that I have collected for Warrenton over the years!

I am having so much fun!

XoXXo~ amy

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6 Responses to She art…

  1. Sooo cute! I’m hoping to get the rest of the videos watched this weekend! 🙂 Praying I find the time!!

  2. Susan Marie says:

    I love that canvas – great job!!

  3. whattheysaid says:

    LOVE this, you did a beautiful job. I wanted to take this class and I wish now that I did, I guess I’ll have to go signup for the one on the 11th.


  4. AWEsOme!!!! Thanks for posting- So proud of you!!! One of these days I will get a class like that!!!!

  5. Amy, I’m loving what you’re creating. I have no idea how you do this type of art, but I’m loving it! I’m so glad this has been fun for you. (And fun for us to watch you create!)

  6. Laura says:

    Hey Miss Amy-

    I just wanted you to know I have been thinking of you.

    Good luck with your workshop.

    White Spray Paint

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