getting down & dirty…

we are beginning to see little signs of spring …

peach blossoms are always a welcome sight from a long winters nap.

We have started working on our garden, some how I had the bright idea to enlarge it. I am pretty sure that it is because of this:

the garden from the movie: It’s Complicated {LoVe this movie}

Although I’m not sure how realistic most of this is, I do have to say that I love mixing in cutting flowers with the a vegetable garden.  I also would like to recreate the tomato cages. I can not stand the little wired ones that bend & fall over…


{take in 2007}

I can honestly say that gardening has become a family affair, the kids really enjoy having a garden also, and I think that it is a great experience for them to learn more about what they eat. And, I think that they are more willing to try more things because they are excited that they grew it themselves…

XoXXo~ amy

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8 Responses to getting down & dirty…

  1. Susan Marie says:

    The peach blossom pictures are Gorgeous! Your story makes me want to run outside and get started on my gardening… well, almost!

  2. David says:

    That’s neat! Don’t know if I would have the patience for gardening, but I like the concept!

  3. debbie york says:

    I’ve read marigolds help keep pests away. Plant some eggplant…the flowers are gorgeous!

  4. Heya Amy….!

    I hope you & your Mum are well Lovey….!!

    The garden from the movie looks FABULOUS….Oh to have a GREEN thumb instead of a BLACK one….hahahahahaha….

    Love….LOVE….L-O-V-E….Your butterfly pics….!

    Hope you’re having a FAB week….!

    Tamarah :o)

    PS: Heading back to Round Top March 20th….Meetcha at Royers….??

  5. Amy…..We spotted blossoms on our peach trees this week too—- My daughter was OH SO Excited!!! And the Figs are budding too—- praying for no more COLD dips in temps to mess them up! We’ve got onions planted- that is it so far….will do more things very soon! And I TOTALLY agree with you on the wire tomato cages- they are worthless!
    love and hugs-

  6. LLH Designs says:

    All of these years of eating fresh food and shopping at farmer’s markets and I STILL don’t have a garden of my own. I’m thinking this is my year!

  7. Heather says:

    I have NEVER gardened, but I’ve been compelled to do some this year. We’ll see….. 🙂

  8. I LOVE that movie too and sooo want to buy it for myself. Thanks for reminding me!! Your pictures are so amazing!!! I’m loving them all!!! 🙂

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