just bein’ me…

so this post might be a little different today because i have a couple of things weighing on my heart & since i like to be a little random i thought i would take a moment & write about it…

I recently had a conversation with a very good friend of mine about an incident that happened to her 16 year old daughter. Someone made a comment to her saying {in a round about way} that she didn’t matter because she was not a … Cheerleader, on the dance team,  involved in certain school activities that they might be involved in… you know typical high school…

But at times this happens in the real world also. Sometimes in blogland, social networks, or even in our own neighborhoods. We tend to put self value on labels.

I must admit that I do this “self labeling ” to myself all of the time.

Homemaker, Mom, Wife, Photographer, Artist, Designer, Blogger…

 and sometimes I feel a little lost.

I get caught up in the lables…

& compairing myself to what others think that  lable should be…

But today i think that i will just be ME!

& see where that might lead… 

So today i say give yourself a little hug  & just be you!  

 XoXXo~ Amy

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14 Responses to just bein’ me…

  1. Mindy says:

    Good stuff. Amen.

  2. junkology says:

    Amy…LOVE these photos…

    And you are all those things and SO much more. Glad you are you. And that I’m lucky enough to know you. xo

  3. i love your blog and your photos!!

  4. debbie york says:

    Good advice like good medicine always helps the heart!
    In the words of Popeye…”I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam!” Translation: Sometimes I may be the only one who feels like hugging me!!!

  5. Susan Marie says:

    Good stuff, Amy… I know I get down on myself sometimes if I don’t feel like I’m living up to *my* labels. We need to learn to step back, take a deep breath, and just let it be! And those pictures – WOW! They brought back such memories to where I could practically hear the carny music and screams from the rides, and smell the fried foods.

  6. These photos are fabulous! I also enjoy the photos of Urban Market!

  7. So true, we can’t find our “value” in those things, even though they may be valuable. We need to believe what our Heavenly Father has to say about us. When I start looking to other things or people for the kudos I’m often let down. I like what Debbie said, be who we are.

  8. aLi says:

    I like YOU 🙂 PS…where the heck is that carousel??? 😉

  9. Amy, you are a child of promise. Loved by God.
    That ‘s a label you can stick with.
    ( I kind of like you a lot too!) ♥

    These carousel pictures are some of my favorites! I love the texture and coloring. Your artistry makes my heart smile.

  10. Suzanne says:


    Labels schmabels….. Sister- Be what God designed you to be!!! And be happy with it- It’s the only way to be!

    these photos made my heart happy- I’m thinking they were at SA rodeo grounds?? I love the colors— they could totally be enlarged printed and framed for a ‘play’ room of all sorts!!!!

  11. Ok. You said I wrote my post just for you today…well, now I see this post is just for me!! lol I recently read this great thought in a devotional “God will never help you become someone else.” It was like a lightbulb went off. I’ve gotta figure out which things I love, which things excite me…and go after those things…even if it’s scary. Be YOU…what a novel idea!! 🙂

    These photos are so fun! I love them!!

  12. LLH Designs says:

    Of course I love this post! Looks like we are on the same wavelength between this post of yours and my “Freedom To Be” post.

    Today, I am FREE to BE!

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