The Urban Market…

this past weekend my junk buddy Kristi  {junkology 101} & i jumped in the car & headed to  Houston.

The  Urban Market…

the Urban Market is a beautiful show with vendors from all over… 

 {Click on Picture for the full slideshow…}

Through out the week,  I thought that I would highlight a few of my favorite photos & vendors that are sure to knocked you off of your feet!

{sneak peek from The Seed Box Antiques




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4 Responses to The Urban Market…

  1. Amy, thanks for showing pics. I’ve been hoping someone would show pics from the show.

  2. Wow, Amy! Incredible photos of the show. What a great slideshow! Wish I could have been there,

  3. Amy, I loved seeing all these! Some of my favorites were the little pink booties, the feedsack bags (whose were they?), the paper butterflies, and the beautiful lavender bouquets and oils. Just to name a few! Can’t wait for Warrenton!

  4. LLH Designs says:

    Amy! So glad you visited so I could find you! I love photography and love Urban Market, so it looks like we have a few things in common! Oh, and Seed Box is one of my favorite vendors. Love them. Next time you come, let me know! Would love to meet you!

    Happy Friday!

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