love unexpected…

happy friday ya’ll!

i decided to have a little linky fun & join in Jeanne & Courtney’s  project of discovering   love.

This weeks theme is titled unexpected  love…

  this one has to be a little hard for me because at times i have felt like i might not…

measure up in many ways. i have jokingly said that i will always see myself as an amateur, that way if something comes out really well, then i can say “wow, did i do that?”

when i bought my first dlsr camera a few years ago,  i discovered an unexpected  love for photography. but never would have realized how that love might change me… 

or how i would see the world…

it has tought me that if you keep clicking along, that you might get that one perfect shot…

  it has tought me to stop & appreciate the little details in life & how quickly it can change.

 it has allowed me to take new adventures & explore places that i might not have other wise noticed.

it has also taught me a bit self acceptance, to be a little more brave…

 but most of all to learn to love myself along the way!

XoXXo~ amy

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6 Responses to love unexpected…

  1. Girl, you are no amateur! I totally get what you’re saying about seeing the world differently because of the camera. I find that it makes me seek out the details of my own story…blogging does that too to a certain degree. I love your photos–they are so beautiful! Thank you for playing along!!

  2. jeanne says:

    Beautiful words and photos!!! I am also coveting your Brownie Hawkeye:-) Thank you for playing along! I can’t wait to see your photos for next week.

  3. D. Levan says:

    Girl…you’ve got skills…I always enjoy checking out your blog and photos.

  4. Amy, you ARE dearly loved! And I LOVE the picture of you in the hat! Totally cute.
    LOVE it. Use it more!

  5. Anne says:

    What a fabulous post!
    And believe me, you more than measure up.
    I feel like I could have said many of the same things, our journeys have some striking similarities.

    So….my only question NOW is….when the HECK are we gonna get to hang out and play, hmmmm? 😉


  6. deb taylor says:

    Amy…this photo of you is frickin awesome!!

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