a little sprucing up…

In a few days time the old casa has a fresh coat of paint… 

and was ready to host the girl scout meeting


i have to tell you,  spend a couple of days painting;

going up & down a ladder…         

 you really realized how out of shape you might be…

the color is Restoration Hardware: cappuccino  

{notice the paint on the ceiling..awesome!}

i must confess that when it first went on the walls looked very grey, and i was a little freaked out… i had spent quit a bit of money on 3 gallons of paint & had already mixed all of the cans in a large bucket to ensure that the colors would all be even. {i would recommend doing this just because who knows how long the cans have been sitting in the store.}

i just decided that i would bite the bullet & keep painting. Like the great Carolyn Westbrook told me last fall grey is the new brown…


 {this is the formal living room… new slip covered chairs from world market}

 i decided to make a little canvas to hang in between the window & the cabinet. I wanted something with just a little bit of color… I used old bingo cards, music sheets & the Jane Austen book page from Jeanne

 a few of my favorite things in & on the cabinets

the branch was a sper of the moment thing..

cut out little hearts from some old music sheets, then added a little glitter.

I thought that it might make for a cute little Valentines Day display…

the clock was my favorite find of the weekend though…

wanted this one from RH

Chateau-Thierry Clock

but had a nice little price tag to go with it…

got this one at world market for 30% off {$35 total} it had a couple of little chips in it… but it works…

so there it is… my little casa…

thought that i should go ahead & take a few pictures..

you know… while it is still clean

XoXXo~ Amy

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7 Responses to a little sprucing up…

  1. Susan Marie says:

    It looks beautiful, Amy, yet very warm and inviting. Isn’t it fun to redecorate?!

  2. Cathy Guess says:

    Love it Amy! That color looks soooo good! I was laughing when I read about your hearts, as I had made sooooooo many hearts out of old music and dictionary paper and my plan was to hang them in our trees in the booth! I might just still have to hang them next month anyway!
    Stay Warm……………..Cathy aka GGJ

  3. Jennifer says:

    It all looks so lovely! I love that color and the personal touches just make it all so cozy. You have been so very busy, So now I feel this overwhelming desire to clean around here.
    Oh, the downfall of blogging.

    Have a great day!

  4. Amy, I’m so amazed at all you did for the sake of the Girl Scouts !! We should all be so supportive.
    I love the color you chose. It looks very warm, very Amy. And I’m glad to see you’re not above putting magnets on your frig! The mark of a real live home!
    Stay warm in this cold wind today.

  5. aLi says:

    I’m so excited that I get to see part of your abode!!! It’s beautiful!!! I especially love the whitewash exposed brick above the mantle on the fireplace…so pretty! 🙂

  6. Mom says:

    Oh my gosh Amy, I love the color! You did a great job! That color looks good with the brown wall. I’m glad you didn’t listen to me!

  7. debbie york says:

    I like your style girl! Oh to be young again and paint a room in just a bit.
    P.S. If the Great One says it is so…it is so!
    P.P.S. Adore the chandi!!!

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