to paint or not to paint… that is the question

Hello sweet friends, I need your help & advice today! I am in a panic because I have a little sprucing up to do around the old house.

You see next tuesday my house is hosting the girl scout meeting…

and  there is nothing like 12 girls & their lovely mothers coming over to get you rear in gear & do a little make over.

So here is the problem….

I have been trying to decided on paint for over a year. I mean, how many shades of beige can there really be????

So the not so thinking girl that i am, had decided to paint the samples on the {gold} walls…  And well, this is how it has stayed for what feel like forever.

I could take the easy way out & hang a picture over it & no one would ever know the difference, but i am really tired of the gold walls & am ready for a little fresher look.

so here is my question to you…

do you know of any good paint colors? I have a sherman williams, home depot, lowes, & benjamin moore in the areas. So I can have a pretty good selection…

I think that I might leave the Chocolate brown wall for later, but have time to paint that also.

the pictures are a little old {prephotography} but already started taking stuff down 🙂

Thank you!



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5 Responses to to paint or not to paint… that is the question

  1. Benjamin Moore HC-160, a steely deep gray blue with a hint of green.
    I have it on some walls in my shop, and in clients homes and it would be perfect 🙂

  2. robelyn says:

    you know i’m all about the color…

    so I’m not going to say anything other than this.

    I can paint – will travel. Just holler.

    ;-D Are they bringing cookies? I’ll paint for cookies!!!


  3. Janet says:

    okay, this is a tough one. ummm…i will tell you two of my favorite colors in my house and then you can do with it what you want!

    my master bedroom is neutrals, but i painted the walls “celery” and i absolutely love it! i think it is benjamin moore. my den is also neutrals and i painted the walls “shortbread” and i love it! but i don’t remember the brand!

    there’s nothing like company to get things done around the house! can’t wait to see what you decide!

  4. well………
    what did ya do?
    did you go for it?
    i am guessing you have already painted.
    and…… i am betting it looks great!

    i will be in the same shoes once we get into a house…
    sometime hopefully within this year… ha!
    the great thing about paint… you can always change your mind… paint right over it.

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