i am a slacker…


date: january 14, 2011

goals for the new year: 7  

goals broken in one week: 10

in 2011 i wanted to make alot of changes…

explore my creative side… lose weight… travel… you know crazy stuff like that…

goal 1… to lose weight… i can honestly say that i have lost a couple of pound… one because i am so distracted that i forget to eat, or maybe it is because i have so much coffee pumping though my veins that is has sped up my metabolism… either way, it is not the healthy way to do things… the good news is that i have cut out my addiction to Dr. Pepper, but have replaced it with coffee. Most of it is because it has been unbelievably cold here in …

but also because my darling husband bought me this for Christmas…

the coffee cup was a gift from my sister to my my husband…

we also bought a Wii fit…

i decided to give up my gym membership for two reasons… 1 because i hate getting up at 5am  & driving in the cold to go work out… i have had the membership for some time now, but have only used it a handful of times… you know it is bad when the girls at the front desk keep asking you if you are a “new member…”

 anyways so we bought this Wii, and it is NEVER a good sign when you step on the platform board and it actually tells you


then my 16 year old daughter walks in & ask’s why my little icon bubby look so funny…


i sent her skinny little butt to her room… {ha ha not really.. but i should have}

goal 2: Most of my focus this week has been on the Brave Girls workshop that started on Tuesday…

i am have been so excited for this workshop & can only say how AMAZING it is….

all i can really share with you is that there is ALOT of painting

my journal: i hand painted sketchbook 🙂

gluing {i am having a new love affair with Mod Podge}  

journaling & SOUL searching….

***IT IS AWESOME!!!!!*** but because i am so focused on that then i am seriously slacking on my 365 project….

{ok maybe i am being a bit of a DRAMA QUEEN… i am only 4 days behind}


 but that is how i roll…

so….how has your week be so far? are you on track? or a slacker like me???

 xoxxo! amy 

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8 Responses to i am a slacker…

  1. Susan Marie says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever be anything but a slacker, but like you, I just roll with the punches! Best wishes on your projects, and I’m loving your work!

  2. Tracy Smith says:

    Amy, I have a new wii fit too…some days she’s my friend, other days no way. Last week I was feeling pretty good because she said my wii fit age was 35 (which is MUCH younger than me), but a few days later I bombed some silly balance test and she said I was 60 something.
    You’re not a slacker. You’re a REAL mom! So glad the workshop was so enjoyable for you. I like it when you’re inspired!

  3. I’m not really a slacker, I’m more of a “unrealistic list maker”. i always have way more on my list of things to do than I could possibly finish in a day, or maybe even in a week! ~Leena~

  4. David says:

    I love my Keurig coffee makers! What’s your favorite K-cup variety?

    • amy says:

      so far the french vanilla by folgers but just finished the sample pack that i got with it… usually like mild flavors. what are yours???? do you have any suggestions???

  5. junkology says:

    Goals, schmoals… TWO, count ’em, TWO times to the food truck trailer park in one week. No self-discipline here. And my Christmas tree is still up and decorated.

    Have a fun weekend…hope to see you soon.

    LOVE the journal!

    xoxo K

  6. Annalyn says:

    that coffee cup is hilarious! love the artsy atmosphere here.

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