quick to the bat cave…

today was a very special day…

my little man turned 4 today, 

what can i say about little boys, but i am totally convinced that i had him just to keep me entertained…

he always makes me laugh, in fact as i am writing this he is bouncing off the walls chanting something about batman… then out of nowhere exclaims

“i tooted…” without even missing a beat. { yes, i said it}

… a boy’s inability to share everything with you, but you just can’t help but laugh…

for instance while at the neighborhood park, he decided to fill his little pockets with pebbles. which sagged his pants down almost as low as a plumbers… I was able to convince him that he should leave a trail so that we could find out way back to the park tomorrow…

 thought that it had worked,

& most of the pebbles were gone…

until later that night when my husband had informed me that my sweet son had decided to fill my pillow case with the remainder of the pebbles…

{***note to self no longer read my son the princess & the pea… there is no telling what i might find under my bed}

so here’s to you my darling son! i love you to the moon & back!


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4 Responses to quick to the bat cave…

  1. David says:

    I guess he knew mom would be interested in his toots. lol That’s a good thing! I love it!

  2. Janet says:

    ah, he’s adorable!

  3. Alisa Noble says:

    A big Happy Birthday to him!

  4. Mom says:

    Happy Birthday Mason! I love you!

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