365 project…

this year i decided to do the 365 project a life in pictures:

there are a few different groups out there but all have the same concept, to try to take at least one picture a day for one year, with the belief that it will help you improve your photography skills.

day two: mime {my daughters girl scout troop dressed up as mimes for a project}

the one thing that i have discovered is that the more pictures that you take, no matter what you aspire to be: a camera crazed mom, a blogger, or an amateur/professional photographer;

 the better your pictures turn out.

It helps train your eye, to look for things that you might have never noticed before.

Now I know what a few of you might say,

Amy {oh beautiful, talented amy…ha ha jjk}

 I do not have a fancy smancy digital camera. That is totally ok. Grab your point & shoots,

cell phones, disposable… what ever you have handy… in fact that is the fun part of it.

here are a couple of pictures that my 16-year-old daughter took with her cell phone at christmas: I think that they turned out pretty cool

here are a couple of websites that host the 365 project: Shutter Sisters & 365.org .

I can’t wait to see where your project takes you!!!


xoxxo amy

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3 Responses to 365 project…

  1. Tracy Smith says:

    Amy, I love your mime picture. If anyone can do 365 with a camera, you can! I’m excited for you and your husband as you venture into a really exciting year. Sounds like he is stepping out in faith and trust, also! I wonder how he feels about being the husband of an incredible photographer? ♥

    I’m thinkin’ next week we need to get together and catch up. I’ll be in SA Tuesday…

  2. Alisa Noble says:

    I really look forward to seeing your photos through the year!
    (Hopefully I can keep mine up… so far so good.)

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