pajama day…

things are starting to settle around here,

the left overs are all eaten…

pictures by granny T {my mom}

& the decorations are almost down…

since the kids are still out of school,

we are  spending a lot of time

in our pajamas

  but there is also  alot of this going on…

{wii just dance 2}

i hope everyone had a safe & joyful holiday!

things should be back to normal on monday…

well at least i will still be in my pajamas…

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4 Responses to pajama day…

  1. I want one of these, maybe it’d get me off my tuckus! Have fun!

  2. Tracy Smith says:

    Amy, I’m all for the pjs! I think I stayed in mine ALL day yesterday. What a great feeling! We’ve enjoyed great family time. Now the cleaning must begin….ugghhh!!!

  3. Hey Amy….!

    It looks like a FAB Christmas was had by all….!! I know ‘down here’ if I had me some PJ’s I woulda been in ’em….Suffice to say though my sweats have had a SERIOUS workout (or not IYKWIM) over the last few days….!

    I hope you all enjoy a SENSATIONAL New Years & an AWESOME 2011….!!!!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  4. Janet says:

    girl, i have spent so much time in my pj’s it’s sad! so glad you had a great Christmas!

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