the year of the ox….

today is my birthday…

when i was a little girl, my grandparents would take us out to eat chinese food. As we would wait for our food to arrive, we would always read the paper place mat to discover what our chinese sign was: 1973 the year of the ox

The OX is quiet, steadfast, methodical and can tolerate difficulties. Ox people are hard working and down to earth. They are exceptionally clever and creative with their hands. In business, the ox often brings prosperity, not through entrepreneurial imagination and risk, but as a result of logical thought, resolute practicality, and honest endurance. Ox people should seek their fortune as a surgeon, dentist, architect, tailor, or technician.

well as most of you know, i am not quiet…. ūüėČ

this has me thinking,¬†what does 2011 have in store for me? So i decided to consult the old¬† chinese horoscope again for a little insight…

  • The Ox will find this year rather good. He/she will continue to win successes, especially in the field where creativeness is the key factor. But victory, however brilliant it may be, won’t be enough for him/her and won’t prevent him/her from having a painful feeling of emptiness from time to time.
  • The Ox native will have to try to acquire more wisdom in order to fight boredom and discouragement. The reading of good authors will do him/her a lot of good, as it did to Stendhal who wrote to his sister Pauline: “I always congratulate myself more on the stroke of luck which brought us to loving reading. It is an ever safe store of happiness which nobody can take away from us.” It will be recommended to the Ox to read the works of Confucius and Pascal with particular attention.
  • {photo 2001: beverly adams}

    so what do i get out of this… blahhhh, blahhhhh blahhh,


    READ¬†MORE {blogs ūüėČ }


    don’t get BORED!

    so i have decided that 2011 needs do be the  YEAR of the OX

    i want to make a list of everything that i would love to do almost like a bucket list,

    only better.

    one of the things that i would love to do is travel, 

    i must confess that i have only flown just a handful of times,

    i have seen

    chattanooga, las vegas, disney in florida,

    oh & new orleans.

    there are so many great places to discover

    ¬†so one of the¬† first things on my on my list will be to get on a plane & travel…

    photo by David Harkins

    but this will also be a list of things that i do not like to do,

    or need to do…

    like having my picture taken.

    i would much rather be behind the camera than to be in front of it…

    so today, i decided that sometime this year i will have my picture taken…

    so this is as far as i have gotten…

    do you have a list? if not, what would be on it?





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    5 Responses to the year of the ox….

    1. Mindy says:

      Yes! Get comfy on both sides of the lens. Good for you! And travel? Can’t go wrong! Happy Birthday to you! ~Mindy ps. Nah, I don’t have a list.

    2. Anne says:

      You are totally adorable, you should be in front of the lens more often!!!

      My list is to FINALLY get moved in to our home, learn more about photography, and spend more time on what truly matters….faith, family and friends.

      Have a blessed, wonderful, Happy Birthday!


    3. Mom says:

      I love your blog…it is so you! I’ll take your pic for you! You can travel by car and take pics along the way! Happy Birthday to you…may this next year be blessed and full of adventure! Life’s a journey…hang on for the ride….Soul Train ride! Love you!

    4. I am going to do that also , get my pictures taken i haven’t done that for 12 years OMG has it been that long? yes


    5. Just found your blog while reading comments about the Soul Restoration class! I’m taking it too! As I scrolled through your posts I read the one about getting your picture taken……my sister is a professional photographer and I usually just prep and style for her. She “booked” me an appointment and told me to show up “ready”, please, go read my post on my blog about my photo shoot! It will make you feel amazing! My husband, when he saw the photos, said, “There, now will you quit being so hard on yourself, you look amazing!”. So sooner is better in this situation!! Shelley

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