let it bling, let it bling, let it bling….

i like bling,

& i am not afraid to admit it.

once upon a time i worked for a beautiful boutique store, and i learned how to decorate very fancy christmas trees. 

you know the kind with the flowers, the fancy ornaments feathers on the tops.



for the past couple of years i would do this to our own tree at home…

  it was fun and everyone loved it, but last year {after spending hours on the tree}

the kids said that they would rather have a “normal tree”

so this year we are doing something a little different.

i decided to keep everything simple this year.

 since we have a two-sided fireplace, i reused the nest & floral picks from the previous years on the garland in the “not so formal,” formal living room.

 but in the family room, i added burlap ribbon & hand-made ornaments.

the kids loved making tags out of vintage buttons & cutting up old rhinestone necklaces…

& we are still in the process making snow flakes out of old music sheets and reusing found objects for ornaments. but i thought that i would share a few with you.

happy monday!



wanna join in some linky fun? join Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality for her Christmas link up!
*** snow flakes on garland: pottery barn, silver church: walmart $1,
burlap ribbon: feather your nest {my sweet friends theresa’s shop}
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11 Responses to let it bling, let it bling, let it bling….

  1. Janet says:

    oh, it all looks great! i love the word “normal”! i used it a lot when i was a kid growing up with a creative mom!

  2. Susan Marie says:

    Beautiful decorations, Amy!! Don’t worry, one day when the kids are grown, they’ll appreciate your creativity.

  3. debbie york says:

    Tell your kiddoes their “not-so-normal” Auntie Debbie would love to buy some of their home made snowmen! Bling it on baby!

  4. Loving all those tags! I’m been into making those lately and I just can’t get enough! Your mantel looks fabulous!

  5. Anne says:

    Oh my gosh, those snowmen are fabulous!!!
    Girl, what CAN’T you do??? 🙂


  6. vintagesusie says:

    Me likey…Me likey…EVERYTHING!!!! Good Stuff Girlfriend..
    Hugs & some Hot Cocco,

  7. Tracy Smith says:

    Amy, I absolutely LOVE your ornaments. And your photographs. You make the world look beautiful! Next time I’m coming IN to see your beautiful home…mess and all ♥

    I think I missed that it is your birthday? Maybe I’ve got it right. Regardless, I know it’s near. So Happy, happy birthday to you! I hope you celebrated with bling!

    • amy boland says:

      tracy, now you know why my house was a mess! tons of christmas containers all over the floor 😉
      thank you for the bd wishes… it is on the 8th so you didn’t miss it…although i wish that i could miss it haaaa hhaaaa.

  8. Amy, wow, I love the new simple stuff you did this year. I must get one of those cute little sparkly churches from Walmart. I’ve been down that aisle several times. It’s all just gorgeous, thanks for linking up!

    I too love the old style garland you did too, with the bling & feathers & pretty things. That look is still beautiful to me too.

  9. Honey

    That little snowman card is not keeping it simple. I just love how you did that. For sure a bling little snowman. How creative


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