one beautiful moment {san antonio photographer}

if you could freeze a moment in time…

what would it be?


i have so many blessings to count ,

 but would have to say right at this moment…


 it would be this one…

you see, it all began earlier last week with a simple phone call wondering if I might be interested in filling in for their photographer…

I agreed with a swift “yes, i would love too…”

and the plans were set into motion….

when thursday rolled around, I anxiously loaded all of my things into my car

and headed out across the texas hill country.

there is something calming about the winding hill country roads.

i looked for things that i might stop & photograph along the way,

but nothing peaked my interest.

once i reached my destination, i was greeted in the drive way

with a hug
& a smile from my beautiful new friend…


{i will forever hold that day close to my heart… }


from that moment on i have nervously awaited for my images to emerge

on her beautiful website…

and today they did…

Magnolia Pearl Clothing Company

thank you Robin & John!



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23 Responses to one beautiful moment {san antonio photographer}

  1. How exciting, and what a beautiful image you caught!

  2. Mom says:

    Love this pic! Love the clothes!

  3. linda marcov says:

    Amy, I looked at every one of those photos on Robins blog last night, never realizing you the photographer, wow… the whole feel of the place the, clothes, the ladies, the earth, the house, the natural light, is simply perfect, but then I would expect nothing less from both you and Robin.. just magical… and you know I love magical…

  4. You are a gifted photographer. The light in the photos and the color just delights my soul!

  5. debbie york says:

    My sweet girl…I am bawling. I looked at the photos earlier this morning thinking to myself how gorgeous the images were (including the girls and clothes), but how the photos captured Robin’s spirit. I never dreamed…you are one great secret keeper.
    To see someone like you get back what you so freely gave, it just makes my heart sing.
    Beautiful job!
    P.S. I’m so glad I decided to take a little time to look at blogs this morning! I’m gonna sit here for a moment and bask in yours!

  6. debbie york says:

    This is for your mom. Terri…are “we” proud of our girl? You should be and of yourself for teaching her to believe in dreams!


  7. Tracy Smith says:

    Oh my goodness, Amy! Cannot believe these are all so dreamy! You did an outstanding job on the clothing. wow. I love it all, anyway, but knowing you captured all the magic…I’m so impressed! The lighting and setting were perfect. That had to be so absolutely fun to do!

  8. Susan Marie says:


  9. OMG

    I know you are on cloud 9. Congratulations

    I would love to see Magnolia Pearl and her just fabulous out clothing line. That picture is so real

  10. robelyn says:

    AMY!!! OH MY GOSH!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you!!! Of COURSE Robin is going to call the best of the best… and YOU are the BEST!!! AUGH! I think I’m crying happy tears for you!!!!!

  11. Mindy says:

    Yeah..You know…I already told you. But, here’s something fresh…I have GOT to buy something of hers…and I have never felt compelled to, before. You just sold me Magnolia Pearl! ~Mindy

  12. These photos transform you to someplace enchanted. So beautiful! Going to check out their site….thanks to you!

  13. Cathy Guess says:

    OMG!!! That is sooooo awesome! I too was looking at the pics of the new clothing line last night and was just in “awwww” of not only the clothing, but just the beautiful pictures! I just bet you are still floating on cloud 9!!
    Congratulations on such a great photo shoot, for a very talented designer!
    Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

  14. Alisa Noble says:

    Oh my word, you’ve captured them beautifully!

  15. WOW! What a wonderful opportunity! By the looks of things you did a wonderful job! Congrats!

  16. Amy, have you stopped pinching yourself. What an honor to be able to photograph Robin’s clothes and to be able to spend time with two of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet, but then again What an honor to spend time with you and you are one of the most down to earth and sincere persons I know. I knew your photography would take you places, because you are good. You capture the essence and beauty that can only be seen through your eyes. So so happy for you my friend, T

  17. Amy, I just saw the photographs and they are beautiful! Congrats.

    Thanks for the sweet note you left on my Grateful Journal post. I really appreciate your visit. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving.
    Hugs, Sherry

  18. vintagesusie says:

    OMG Girlfriend…
    I am sooooooooo excited for you!!!! I LOVE magnolia Pearl, I would love to go to her house, I would adore taking pictures of her models & clothing & I couldn’t be happier or more proud of you!!! This soooooooo rocks friend!!!!
    Oh, I must catch my breath, how did you hold this in until now? Your photography is AMAZING! You captured the essence of her designs perfectly & I hope with all hope…you know get a HUGE discount when you want to buy clothes cuz I would! Everybody knows…I work for MP or JG clothes.
    Yippppeeee, ILOVE this post!!!
    Congrats cowgirl, you sooo deserve this!
    Big Smiles & a Huge Hug,

  19. vintagesusie says:

    PS: Can I brag about this on my blog friend, I would love to do a post & show some of these amazing photos!

  20. Pearl Maple says:

    Fab photos, you really caught the moment and those dresses are beautiful

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