where is paul havey when you need him….

when i was a young child my stepfather used to love to listen to paul harvey…. 

 the smooth voice &  entangled stories would just draw you in….

they always seem to end with a little morsel of information or symbolism….

this makes me stop & wonder,

what is my little morsel…


I am getting ready to celebrate my next birthday.

In fact in less than 3 weeks I will be

37 years old…

some how i have begun to reflect on my life,

who am i?

 where have i been

& most defiantly where am i going…

 at times jokingly tell people that i am a jack of all trades, but a master of nothing…

i have been a wayward teen, a single mom {on food stamps},  a wife of a law student , a mother of three beautiful children & now a wife of a successful attorney. 

i once was a bartender, a florist, sales rep, an antiques dealer,

now photographer…

i defiantly have chosen the longer path God has set before me, but have learned many lessons, and met interesting people along the way.


i have discovered more about myself within this past year than any other point in my life….

i have learned to not take myself so seriously

& not try so hard to do what makes everyone else happy.

i will continue to stop & reflect in the glory of life’s little details.

i can were my hair in pigtails if i want…

{37 is not too old}

but most of all to follow the path that God lays before me,

no matter where it leads…



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8 Responses to where is paul havey when you need him….

  1. Anne says:

    Beautifully said, Amy! 🙂

  2. Hey girl your pics are AMAZING. Lovin’ the chicken:) I am getting a fancy camera for Christmas. Do you mind telling me what you use? I’m leaning toward the Canon Rebel T2i. I don’t know much so any advice is helpful. Thanks:)

  3. debbie york says:

    When it’s clearly the path God has placed you on, you’ll find it’s not too hilly or rocky. I know in my heart this is where He wants you.
    P.S. Ummm…just exactly what age is too old to wear pigtails…I may be close to the expiration date!

  4. Diane Cook says:

    Amy…I loved listening to Paul Harvey and Art Linkletter. So much wisdom in both their words and Paul’s stories do draw you in …. to the rest of the story =)
    Reflection is often God’s way of shining a light from where we’ve been to where we’re going. Stay close to Him. He will let you know who you are and where He wants you next…..

  5. Tracy Smith says:

    Amy, I love the chicken! Coming and going!

    I am encouraged to know that your life path is one that has been touched by the Lord. We have so many choices in front of us. Every day. And our choices have profound effects on everyone around us. We were made for community and to reflect God’s image and His love to that community. I’m so glad our paths crossed.

    From the time I have spent with you (online and in person), I will say God’s path has brought you to a rich place. I immediately recognized that you were an encourager, a cheerleader and promoter, that your enthusiasm was positively contagious, that you were honest and true with your words and your expressions, that you enjoyed life and had fun laughing at yourself and friends (new and old), that you were made of real stuff – no pretense – and that you seemingly had no walls. No barriers. You shared so freely and your spirit felt so tender and pure. That’s what I saw!

    I think you’re in for a great blessing on your 37th birthday! You are a child of Promise (Galatians 4:28). Free from pleasing others. Free to love wholeheartedly . . . pigtails and all!

    Be encouraged. Tracy.

  6. Suzanne says:

    It is good to reflect- ways to see where we have been- yet more importantly where God is leading us to go! You have a great heart in you- one that is instilled with God given qualities and talents- Use them to their potential! Let your light shine through to your family and help guide them toward God. That will allow great journeys for all of you!

    Using your camera lens to capture what is going on around you will take you down many roads- and cause you to stop and reflect on the little things- things that can encourage us the most! I’m so thankful our paths have crossed and look forward to many more times together! Paul Harvey was such a treat to listen to- What will the rest of your story be?

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