show portfolio…{San Antonio Photographer}

within the past couple of years,  i have discovered a passion for “show photography.”  i just love coming out to artisan/antique shows and photographing all of the beautiful displays that vendors have poured their hearts & souls into.  if you are interested in having me come out & photograph your booth in the texas or surrounding areas, then please contact me at

Show Portfolio

{click on image for larger picture}

 Accumulations Vintage Home and Garden Fair 2010

Warrenton Antiques Fair Fall 2010

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4 Responses to show portfolio…{San Antonio Photographer}

  1. debbie york says:

    This is it Amy! This is what you were born to do…besides raise beautiful children!

  2. I recognize those Warrenton images, but it looks like I missed great stuff at Accumulations! Beautiful pics 🙂

  3. Anne says:

    And that’s my passion, too.
    It’s inevitable that not only will we eventually meet, but I’m betting we become fast friends! 🙂


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