that’s how we roll… {San Antonio Family Photographer}

last week was a real x*%@!… 

well let’s just say that it was not the best…

sunday: ex-father in law {the princess’ grandfather} had a stroke & was in the hospital in Dallas …

monday: awaken at 2 am by child with tummy bug, slipped in throw up…

thursday morning: a very close family member lost his battle with cancer…

it was a very emotional week.

The Good news is that the princess & I  were able to leave for Ft. Worth on  Thursday morning &  I was able to take her to visit her grandfather….

 whom I am happy to report is recovering beautifully from his stroke, and was released that week. {GOD IS GOOD} and second because I  actually had TWO photoshoots that were scheduled for that weekend.

The first shoot was with my adorable cousin & her family…

{i am still in the process of editing…. & really want to save a couple of image’s for a surprise… sorry cuz… i know i’m rotten….;)}

the second shoot was with my sister, niece & nephew. I was truly amazed how fun & easy the shoot went. The kids loved it & we had a lot of great laughs…

my nephew was super excited that he was able to bring his skate board along, & show me a few of his new “tricks…”

I love it & think that they turned out great!


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3 Responses to that’s how we roll… {San Antonio Family Photographer}

  1. Mom says:

    Cute post!

  2. Diane Cook says:

    Love the action shot of your nephew and his skateboard…and of course the princess in the chair is adorable!

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