homecoming 2010… {San Antonio Photographer}

 This past week was Homecoming week for us…

which means is a week long celebration when you are in high school.

I have been told that Texas celebrates homecoming a little different than other states, with the exchange of LARGE decorated mums…


in the past i have spent weeks make tons of mums for friends… but this year the little princess decided to do some thing a little different…

decorated flip flops…


40 of them in fact…

i do have to admit, they did turn out cute, and the girls loved the fact that they were different

but there is still the garter for the homecoming date,

her friend Will…

the kids decided to go as a small group of friends, which kept it fun & low key. 

what a handsome looking group

i just love the dresses but most of all…

i just love the SHOES!

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6 Responses to homecoming 2010… {San Antonio Photographer}

  1. Susan Marie says:

    Oh, to be able to wear shoes like that ~ I love ’em!! But age and years of working on my feet have conspired to prevent that from ever happening again. Such a beautiful- looking group of kids and great pictures, Amy!

  2. Diane Cook says:

    I think they are all gorgeous girls and the most handsome guys….but you know that is how it is here in Texas!
    It seems like so long ago now…as my daughter graduated from HS in 1994! She was very involved in it all…cheerleading…homecoming….EVERYTHING =)
    I know, I know…I loved it more than her! I lived thru her in many ways~
    Ahh…but now, I am so glad those days finished. I love not having to rush home to go to a game 50 miles away on a Friday night~LOL!

  3. Mom says:

    Great blog! Great pics! Love the shoes…wish I could wear them!

  4. Tamarah says:

    Oh Amy what a STUNNING group of kids with their lives stretching ahead of them….Oh the POSSIBILITIES….Your daughter is ADORABLE ‘forsure’ & I LOVE that she is so creative….Now I WONDER where she may have inherited that trait from….?

    Hope you’re having a MARVELOUS week Lovey….!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  5. debbie york says:

    I hope the flip flops are to slip into after walking around in those KILLER shoes! What I would give to be able to walk in your daughter’s. She is gorgeous and that dress!
    Football is king in Texas, but Texas girls are the queens of beauty…and hair!
    P.S. The colors in your photo are wonderful!

  6. yes… those SHOES! :O)
    i adore her dress!
    they are all so beautiful!

    and… i remember those LARGE mums. they were big!
    and back when i was in high school my hair & my mum were always competing to be the biggest! :O)

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