a creative spirit… {San Antonio Photographer}

I am in the process of reading this adorable book:

 Taking Flight: to give your Creative spirit wings by Kelly Rea Roberts

truth be know that I have actually had this book for sometime, and for some reason something in my heart told me the other day to dig it out of the magazine basket and start reading it.  And I am so glad that I did.

 I always feel that there are so many other things that I should be “doing” other than sitting down and reading a book…

Like all of the pictures that I need to finish editing by Friday,

or how the pile of dishes are calling my name…

(well I try to tune them out as much as possible anyways…)

But there has been something inside of me that has been inspired to be a little more creative here lately, Part of it is a need to spend a little more time with my own little creative butterfly (middle child) and nurture her creative spirit, and the other part has been a little “whisper” inside of me… to nurture MY creative spirit also.

My mom recently took a little art workshop at Bella Butterflies in Grapevine…

Mom’s Canvas

& shared with me the tips that they had given her to create a mixed media canvas. So I decided that on Sunday afternoon I would sit down & unleash my creative spirit. 

I followed her directions somewhat, one because I didn’t have the foil leaf…

but also because, I have never been very good at following directions

( just ask my mother…) 

 but I guess that is where YOUR ART becomes your own.


(I still have to add final antique process, but posting anyway…)

So, here is the directions to help you with your own creations, and setting your


Heart Canvas:


Acrylic Glaze Liquid

Copy of words, card stock, old music paper, or what ever you would like for the background to be.

Foam board 3/16 20×30 (this is for the heart or cross, what ever you would like your focus to be)

Silver or Gold  leaf & leaf adhesive

8 x 8 canvas ( I just used regular 5 x 7 they were on sell)

 Golden Raw Umber (will mix with glaze) Use liquid not full bodied

Adhesive Gel (as in Mod Podge …love that stuff)

Turquoise Acrylic paint

Red Acrylic Paint 

Ranger Crackle Accents Medium (Clear)


1. Apply paper to canvas. Wrinkle paper first for texture, then apply Mod Podge to back of paper & to canvas. Paint will seep into the cracks of wrinkled paper to give an aged look.

2. Apply glaze. Use the amount of a silver dollar of glaze to 2 drops of Raw Umber Paint. Mix together. Use finger tips or dry brush to apply to canvas.

3. Let Dry

4. Repeat steps using glaze & turquoise. 

 5. While canvas is drying, cut out shape from foam board.  Paint with the Red acrylic (or color of your choice..)

6. After turquoise dried, then apply the silver adhesive glue and dab on with your fingers. when glue is no longer white, & tacky to the touch, then add the silver leaf to the canvas(this is where I decided to use watered down paint and just clicked it on…)

7.  Take Raw Umber and add a drop or two of water to thin it out,  and apply for an antiqued effect.

8. Apply Mod Podge to the back of the form and glue it to the canvas.

 9. Apple 1/4 of Ranger Crackle to the form.

10. Let Dry. ***Will take quit awhile to dry.

Have fun!



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4 Responses to a creative spirit… {San Antonio Photographer}

  1. Mom says:

    Love the blog! Your canvas is really cute! Love the words!

  2. debbie york says:

    A creative mind like yours just can’t be still…except for doing dishes!

  3. Oh, wow … such beauty, Amy! You are such a creative soul!!

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