GREAT FOR BEGINNERS!!!! {San Antonio Photographer}

A few days before I left for Warrenton, I got a wild hair, and decided to fire up the ol’ sewing machine and make something.

Now let me first tell you that I can not sew, but a few months ago…well almost a year ago… I decided that I really wanted to buy a sewing machine. Thanks to the woman on QVC, I was convinced  that I should invest in this great sewing machine/embroidery machine…



(and for this reason I am not allowed to watch QVC anymore…)

Anyways, I decided that I want one of those adorable camera straps that I see on ETSY.

How hard could it be…

my trusty assistant was ready to help with the project, she measured the length of the strap.

Then cut the piece of fabric a little wider so that it would fit inside the embroidery loom

(aka: the little square thingy that holds the fabric while it is being embroidered)

I will have to tell you that it took me almost several  tries to get the embroidery process down, 

But 3 needles, 5 tries and a couple of choice words….

I DID IT!!!!

After the fabric was embroidered, I just cut the fabric the width of the strap, folded it in half

(inside out & stitched it up)


a cute little camera strap!

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2 Responses to GREAT FOR BEGINNERS!!!! {San Antonio Photographer}

  1. ok amy…
    I’m going to take your brand spankin’ new sewing machine AND your little helper as hostage so that I could have me a cool camera strap like that!!!! I love it girl…you did good!!!!
    now, beside the choice words and a few needles here and there….wasn’t sewing fun?

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