The Broken Angel {San Antonio Texas Photographer}

On Saturday evening, after a long day spent in the fields of Warrenton, mom & I decided to head over to La Grange for a little mexican food. On the way, I told her that I wanted to stop at the same cemetery that I had discovered during the Spring show.

* most images are sooc (straight out of the camera) & some have been cropped but all have been left natural

I discovered this little statue in the center of the cemetery, and fell in love with her.  A beautiful angle statue, but with the coner of her wing is missing.


( click on images to make them larger 🙂 )

To me there is something so peaceful about her. She has stood the test of time, though whatever weather mother nature has thrown her way; unstartled, in deep prayer & meditation.

***all images belong to Amy Boland & Amy Boland Photography, but if you are a multimedia artist & would like to use my photos for art purposes, please email me at & I will e-mail you a copy of the photo.

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3 Responses to The Broken Angel {San Antonio Texas Photographer}

  1. These are very nice, Amy. The broken wing, the nearby tree limbs, all make for a very moving image. A week or so ago I posted a couple of images of statues at the Key West Cemetery. It’s like no other cemetery you’ve ever seen. If you are ever there, be sure to visit.

  2. Tamarah says:

    Amy Love your photography is BREATHTAKING….I could look at these images ALL DAY….!

    Have a great weekend….!

    Your Number One Aussie fan,
    Tamarah :o)

  3. vintagesusie says:

    Oh Sweet Amy…I adore all of these fabulous photos & they take me right back to that sweet moment in time. I think saw this angel from a far…we were driving by a cemetary in La Grange & she shone at me like a diamond & I thought…I must go back with a camera & take some pics of this historic place. It never happened, but I’m thrilled to see her here!
    I loved talking with you & your Mommy…you are both adorable & I can’t wait to see you in spring! {she says with fingers & toes crossed!}
    Big hugs to you both…you made my big adventure even better simply by knowing you!!
    Hugs Y’all…

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