Warrenton 2010- Party til the end {San Antonio, TX Photographer}

 Although my trunk was full of a few wonderful finds from Warrenton, I must confess that this trip was more about filling my heart. Over the past couple of year I have traveled to Warrenton, and instead of discovering fabulous antiques, I have discovered fabulous friendships.

Deb Taylor  (picture borrowed from deb did it

I lovingly refer to Deb as my MUSE! There isn’t anything that this woman can not do! She is a wonderful artist, fabulous cook, & extraordinary photographer. Everything is rainbows & butterflies when Deb Taylor is around & she loves with her whole heart.

Just being around her encourages you to discover & try new things.

Oh, & by the way if you are still in Warrenton, Deb just happened to have a fabulous little restaurant in the Texas Rose Antique Show ,

the a rosemary chicken salad sandwich is so good that it would make your grandmother cry…

This the beautiful Vicki Davis the owner of the Texas Rose Antique Show… 

totally adore her!

Now most of you know that this is my momma (terri). aka: partner in crime… 


ok, so we did do a little shopping. I have to tell you that I was totally stalking this vendors booth. 

Paris Montana has some of the most unique jewelry around, but I am really stalking her little airstream trailer… 


 Now how could you not just love Mindy from Primitiques! Those blue eyes just melt your heart!

She had the most phenomenal 1940’s chair that I can’t wait to use in my next shoot!

I was also talking so much that I forgot to take pictures of her booth, but I gotta tell you that you would just love Robelyn’s (of red.neck chic)

recycled handbag & hats. LOVE THEM!!!!!

there is just so much more to tell… I just don’t know it I could fit into one post.

We sat & chatted alot with my sweet friends Deb & Cat Daddy of Talking Trash!

  this is a table bursting with talented people! Jodie & Carolyn Westbrook of Carolyn Westbrook Home

 I gotta tell you, “I love me some Jodie

She is… well…

she is my little Cajun Queen with

the heart the size of



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7 Responses to Warrenton 2010- Party til the end {San Antonio, TX Photographer}

  1. Anne says:

    Great pics, I’m sorry we didn’t meet there!
    But since we’re practically neighbors (Kerrville) perhaps we will in the near future! 🙂


  2. debbie york says:

    I do love me some Jodie….and YOU!

  3. Tamarah says:

    Hey Gorgeous Girl….!

    I am TOTALLY & utterly besotted with your photography….And just a TAD jealous I might add….!

    I’m so very THRILLED to have met you & Terri….We shared some fun & GREAT belly laughs I’ll cherish for ever….I can’t wait to meet up with ya’ll again down the track….In the mean time….I have my porta loo shot to remind me of a HUGE laugh shared between Junk mates at my very FIRST antique week….Texas style….!!

    Cheers for now from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  4. Amy! Oh my gosh…I must have been concentrating REALLY hard for me not to notice you sneaking up on me and taking a picture of me!!!! 😉
    I so enjoyed our visit, AND I really enjoyed meeting your sweet Mom. I hope I didn’t scare her off!!! She’s too sweet! Ya’ll look more like sisters rather than Mother/Daughter!

    And how did I miss Deb? (Deb did it?) She is wonderful. I met her at Paper Cowgirl, she’s such an inspiration and so beautiful inside and out!

    Mindy and Robelyn are two peas in a pod. I just love them both. I can’t wait to brag about the purse I stole from Robelyn!!! It’s the one in the photo above!!!! I love it! She’s sooo talented.

    Your photos are just the best Amy. When I grow up, I wanna be just like you!!!! 🙂
    Seriously! I love me some Amy too girl…you always make me feel so special…I love you!

  5. vintagesusie says:

    Love your cajun queen tooooo…she is so sweeet in person! I adore her & was so glad we finally got a chance to meet! Thanks for sharing your superb pics with us!!!

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