Marina {San Antonio Texas Portrait Photographer}

I must confess that I am relatively new to photography. I have always loved taking pictures of my family, but never would have tought that I would consider it at a professional level.

When I first bought my first “BIG GIRL CAMERA” in the August of 2009, I discovered a new passion.

Now, I am moving to the next level of building my portfolio.

I had asked a dear sweet friend of mine if I could barrow her daughter for the day. She is absolutely beautiful!

I knew with Marina I wanted to try something a little new, something that I hadn’t done before…

A little more edgy & urban…

 at 6:00 Saturday night (night before the shoot) looked at my husband & told him

“Honey I am in need of some good graffiti…”

he just looked at me in amazement then laughed. “I think I know just where to go.”

So we all piled up in the car, and headed downtown.

About 15 minutes later, I texted Heather:


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One Response to Marina {San Antonio Texas Portrait Photographer}

  1. David says:

    The graffiti makes an awesome backdrop! It especially brings out the vivid colors in her tops! Very nice set! I want to learn portrait photography one day.

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