all aboard… {San Antonio, Texas Portrait Photographer}

A few  weeks ago,  I had the privilege of photographing an adorable Senior. 

Meet Brooke.

We had the best time on our photoshoot.  One of her request was that she defiantly wanted to have the railroad tracks as a backdrop.  I found a location, and we headed out very early Friday morning.

 As we walked around the tracks, a train came to a halt a little down the way…

I suggested that we might try to get a few shots with the train in the back ground but might need to get out-of-the-way.

 (Ha who says that being a photographer isn’t a dangerous job 😉  )

Anyways, long story short, the train never passed, which allowed us to get a lot of great shots with the train…

A little while later the conductor of the train came over & talked to us.

He told us that since we were braking the rules anyways, we might as well get a little closer to the train for a few better shots…

Brooke was thrilled…


& the camera loved every minute of it!!!

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2 Responses to all aboard… {San Antonio, Texas Portrait Photographer}

  1. Debra says:

    You just get better and better. Brooke is beautiful, but the artistry that goes long with the photographs is fantastic!


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