hello friends!!!!

In the fall of 2008 I discovered the joy of blogging. I was a stay at home mother of three beautiful children, but was looking for a different creative outlet. I can still remember the feeling that I had when I submitted my first post and the very first comment response that I ever received… sheer joy. (yes even though it was just from my mom).   Then in 2009 I bought my first “big girl camera” a Sony a330 DLSR. I bought it just to  capture those beautiful everyday moments  of my children & what ever I felt like  blogging about.

Over the past year, a passion for photography developed. I began photographing anything and very thing…

One day a very sweet friend of mine asked me if I would consider photographing her daughter that was turning 16,

“I could try…” I responded

We packed up one morning & headed to Gruene (TX) for the photoshoot. After that I had numerous friends & family ask me to take photos of them. I was in LOVE…

To be honest with, I have secretly wanted to have a career, other than being a fabulous stay at home mother. Something a little more than just an outlet. Therefore I have decided to pursue photography as a career…

Well to be able have a little more paying clients… 

Well I am still the GYPSY CHICK at heart, the fun loving girl who LOVES HER JUNKING ADVENTURES & THE FABULOUS PEOPLE that I meet along the way. So I plan on merging the two on this blog…

So come on over, and leave a comment. I love all of my blogging friends I want to share my journey with you!!!!


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1 Response to hello friends!!!!

  1. Jen says:

    How very exciting for you! I wish you happiness and success.

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