Ahh summer time

  What a busy summer this has been. Although school has been out for almost a month, Morgan still had dance practice  up until the beginning of July. Thankfully she now has her own car so that she will be able to drive herself to school & practices.


 Morgan’s highschool dance team is very competitive, and I do understand that. But when is too much enough?I am a firm believer that a busy child stays out of trouble, but sometimes I feel that this activity cuts into other life lessons or things that she needs to be doing.

   School for one. Sometimes she has practice from the wee hours in the morning until later at night. Which does not allow time for home work and to study for test. In school tutoring is out of the question because they have to go to practice right after school. There needs to be a little balance.

   Also, we would like for her to get a little job. We feel like in today’s world she needs to learn a little more about money and financial responsiblity.



  But the bottom line of the school issue is that it has taken away for a little R & R.  

This is where I really would like to be this morning….  sipping coffee watching the sun come up.

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One Response to Ahh summer time

  1. Jennifer says:

    Good Morning Amy! I feel your pain. Band and basketball practices have created the same issue here. Morning practices in the summer is a bit too much, especially after a full practice schedule during school. Sometimes you just want to hibernate away when they get out in June and come out just in time for school to start. Our summer ends in 10 days. Where did it go?

    I love your pictures. Just beautiful!

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