a little bit of linen & lace…

   For years I have been a fan of Magnolia Pearl  


  This  is the beautiful, Robin Brown    

   Robin’s designs will leave you speechless….   

  she has the ability to combine    

  beautiful fabric,  lace & a touch of  whimsy 

   that feeds the gypsy’s soul…

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3 Responses to a little bit of linen & lace…

  1. That is such a beautiful pic of Robin. I always love seeing other booths there through other’s eyes and you did a great job of showing off her booth. Just beautiful!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Love those outfits! So delicate and beautiful. Your pics are great!

  3. oooooh Amy, I am sooooo pouty that I couldn’t come back to Round Top to see you again! However, I did enjoy my visit with Lisa while she was here in Louisiana…I would have died if I’d have missed her. I wish I had two of me sometimes!!!! 😉

    You’ve captured the ambiance perfectly for me and I thank you for letting me get my Magnolia Pearl “fix” 🙂 These are beautiful photos!!!!

    I’m just catching up here as I’ve NEVER stopped since I saw you…I’m so lonesome! I love the bluebonnet fields and LOVE the little bird. Millions of things ran through my mind when I saw it!!! Love it!!!!
    Have a great week girl and know that I miss you! hugs!!!!!

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