Antiques at blooming in Texas…

Ahhh Spring, 


The sun is shining, 

 the flowers are blooming

 and the antiques are over flowing….

that’s right. It is time for the antiques show here in Texas…

my favorite time of year.

This time last year mama & I took our first adventure to Carmine, TX. 

And from then on, I was hooked.

We hit the fields running…

miles & miles of wonderful items to explore,

Nothing could stop us.

The rain boots were a must, but that made it just the more fun.

This year, I have planned two  Must Do’s on my list. 

The first is Theresa‘s Blog party. 

If you have not had the pleasure of meeting this sweet little Texan, I suggest that you click on over and say hello

She has one of the most beautiful booth just behind Zapp Hall. 

She also has a lot of wonderful tip for the First timers for conquering the antiques show.

She is defiantly the queen of all blog party hostess, 


The second stop on my list is the Marburger Farms Show. 


This is one of the best little big shows in Texas that runs March 30 – April 3rd.

The Marburger Show is host to thousands of fabulous vendors from all over the country.

But most of all there is one vendor that

I am so excited to see…

Robin Brown  from Magnolia Pearl,

 and all of her beautiful creations in person.

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4 Responses to Antiques at blooming in Texas…

  1. You know what, I think I’m going to hire you to create bidnez cards for me (you like how I spelled business), you are super talented and very creative with yourself. Thanks for posting about the party and so looking forward to seeing you and your mom, pink boots and all!!

  2. thegypsychic says:

    you are so sweet T! I would love to try to make what ever you need! 🙂
    Can’t wait to see ya’ll!

  3. Wendybob says:

    I would KILL…or at least Maim, to go to Warrenton. The Junk-o-rama Prom is one of my before-I’m-30 bucket list items!!

    Have tons of fun and find lotsa great junk!

    By the way…I changed the address of my blog, so click over to the new address and follow me again. If ya want!

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