Every Day

My little guy is a such a great helper.He just loves to vacuum & who am I to not let the little guy have some fun,

One of these day’s he will make some woman very happy


Hopefully he will make it though college first… 

 Best Shot Monday

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9 Responses to Every Day

  1. Jennifer says:

    Send him to my house, please. Really cute pics.

  2. Cara says:

    I wish my boys would do that, they are usually making the mess.
    I love the last shot, too cute!

  3. Amy Jo says:

    What a sweetie! My son loves to use the dust buster! I say let them!

  4. Debbie York says:

    I bet he’s already making a certain redhead a very happy woman now.

  5. MelodyA. says:

    My oldest love vacuums too. Too funny.

  6. Glad you have so much fun. Yes, it is mommy’s turn every once in a while. My kids and I went to the SA Rodeo the 1st weekend and saw Tim McGraw and Selena Gomez. Trace Atkins is HOT. I saw him in concert about 3 year agos, front row. When he starts to sawy, my legs go weak. ~ Yoli 🙂

  7. OMG.. he is totally the most sexy, wonderful, country man… HIS voice was cloned from an angel.. LOVE him, and loved these images.. Bet you had a fab time.

  8. Just started tooling around your blog, got Trace and had to stop and pay respects here in this comment box.
    Love your blog, (I’m a southern momma 4 legs only however)[also not a nutty dog person].
    Trace The Mountain Man, whewww is that a hot flash from 40?
    Gardening Girl too? I’m loving this.
    Please come by the swing for a visit.
    We also have lots of fun!
    Hello from The Mississippi Gulf Coast!
    The Bumpkin

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