Out of the Rain


 As I was driving home from the high school yesterday morning, I noticed a teenage boy walking to school. It was 38 & raining, and he was obviously cold. As I drove past him, he looked at me with this smile and kept walking.  Since he still had a few blocks to go, something inside of me wanted to stop and offer him a ride to school.


I continued to drive down the road and thought about all the reasons why I shouldn’t turn around. “What if someone thinks that you are trying to kidnap him?” I could just imagine the police showing up at my house and trying to explain that I was just trying to offer the boy a ride. Then I thought about how I try to teach my children not to get into the car with strangers & would this be breaking a parents rule.  

Then from nowhere, I thought about the WWJD (what would Jesus do) He would pull someone out of the rain, no matter what. So with that I turned my car around and headed back toward the high school, thinking of ways to convince this child that I wasn’t some crazy woman in her PJ’s trying to kidnap him.  

By the time I had reached the school, he was already there. He stood there cold, wet, & getting ready to cross the street.  As I went to turn my car around he looked up at me and smiled again. I went on my way.  

While driving home, I thought of how sad it is that we no longer stop to help someone out of fear. Fear of our surroundings, fear of what someone might do as a reaction, of sometimes fear of what others might think.  I also thought of what I might do differently next time, to try to help someone before it’s too late.


So here is my question to you, what would you do? 


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11 Responses to Out of the Rain

  1. Belinda says:

    I know what you mean, your heart says on thing your gut says another. What do you do…….Hard to decide. Great post and you did go back. Love the blog.

  2. MelodyA. says:

    Gosh, hard. But it’s actually nice to hear that there are still people like you out there who have these thoughts.

  3. Susan Broyles says:

    Amy, Thanks for stopping in at my blog. Yours is great! I had a similar thing happen to me recently. One morning on my way to work (17 miles to town). I passed a broken down car. Then a few miles ahead I saw a young boy walking. I went past him. I had that tugging feeling also. I looked at my termometer 26 degrees. I just prayed, turned around and picked him up. He was super nice, and I felt really good the rest of the day for doing my good deed. P.S. The country is the best place of all to raise your children! I wouldn’t have taken for any of it. Susan

  4. hey amy,

    i think women have always had to second guess themselves on these

    when my children were little, we lived next door to a local high school.
    i saw a poor kid walking in the rain all huddled inside his jacket and
    hood, so pulled over to let him
    hop in.

    after he got settled in, i glanced in my rear view mirror to see my
    18 mo. old’s mouth drop open and she pulled out her pacifier.

    quickly i looked over at the boy, to see that he was a MAN!
    i almost ran into the neighbor’s maibox.

    i pulled into a gas station and said that was as far as i could go.

    that night, hans almost dropped his spoon, when the kids said
    mom picked up a man in the car today!

  5. Heather says:

    This is such a good question.

    It saddens me to say this but I’m sure I would have driven past him and been thinking “I wish that I could help”. The saddest part of that sentence is that what I mean by wish is that I’d be thinking that I’m not allowed to help him because of all the reasons you stated in your post. As if it’s a rule now in society to protect yourself over offering help to another human being. I hate that! I don’t want to be like that. I really want to challenge myself to think outside myself and be more like Jesus.

    Thanks for such a thought provoking post, girl! Have yourself a happy weekend!!

  6. Debbie York says:

    Your heart is in the right place, it’s just now days we have to be so careful. Very sad when you think about it.

  7. Mama M. says:

    Found you via the Pioneer Woman! I agree…it is so sad that we aren’t able to offer a simple, kind gesture to someone in need for fear of the repercussions.

    Good for you for making the effort, at least!

  8. Jennifer says:

    I think you feel the way so many of us do these days. You want to do so much for others, but don’t know what will happen or how it will be recieved. It is great that you turned around and went back. I think I would have too.

    On a happier thought, did you guys get any of the snow?

    Happy Valentines day!

  9. Paige says:

    This just makes me want to cry. I fight with this very same feeling “all the time.” If I don’t go back I feel totally crushed all week long. If I do go back I think I am putting my son’s mother in danger. Sometimes I pray and I do it anyway. Sometimes I beat myself up about it for a week.

  10. I think I would have done the very same thing you did, but let me tell you a story. My husband is always stopping to help others. One Spring Break, we see this van of college kids on the side of the road and looking really desperate. So, we stop, he helps them change their tire, they’re so happy and we get back on the road and head home. Just one of the many instances where he’s stopped and helped others. Then… (here’s the bad story), one time he stops and helps this girl that is broken down at the college where he works. She’s very appreciative, so appreciative she gets his phone number to “let him know she’s made it home and is ok” (yea right). Two years later she’s still calling to talk to him (she turned into a stalker) and turned a good deed into a nightmare! I guess you never know, but you do want to help others so the WWJD theory is a great one to remember.

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