Farmhouse Living

For the past few months I have tried to convince my family that we need to move to the country. My darling husband has humored me for a few weeks, then decided to help me realize what exactly what a country lifestyle entails.  So I decided today to make a list of what these changes would look like.  (Now mind you part of this list started this morning while driving my daughter to school, and going though the Starbucks drive though.)

City Life                                        vs.                      The Fabulous Country Life

Lots of people                                                   Smaller since of Community

Big Schools, Big issues                                  Smaller Schools, more involvement

Just dogs                                                       Able to have other animals including a couple of horses

                                                                        (teaches the children more responsibility)

City Conveniences                                         A  little more planning when in town, get what you need

                                                                           (cuts out spontaneous spending at Target)

Convent to restaurants                                 Eat at home saves money ( better for my waist line)

Starbucks when ever I want                         With money I save, could buy machine and make my own

                                                                         (saves money, and better for waist line )                                                                                                                                                  

So far, this is what I have come up with.  I’m sure the there are tones of things that I am missing but so far, I have saved money and lost a little weight. Country living is looking really good.

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11 Responses to Farmhouse Living

  1. Heather says:

    Ooooh, the lure of country life. I think your list makes a very compelling argument, but maybe I’m biased. I’ve got a secret wish to move out the middle of nowhere and live the country life. Maybe someday.

  2. If I have ANY teeny-tiny part of you living in the middle of nowhere, I will be thrilled. It is the (insert any and all awesome adjectives here) life imagineable.

    My 8 year old drives. A truck. And she’s better than me.

    My 6 year old can work a garden like nobody’s business

    My 19 month old knows how to get outside whenever she wants. And you know what? I don’t have to care.

    And my 7 month old? I am pretty sure he might burn the barn down one day.

    And date night? Sitting under the stars listening to the chirps and owls and far, far away coyotes. Now THAT is date night!

    I love my life. And I think you would too.

  3. Debbie York says:

    Don’t forget to list the other city life plusses like pollution, traffic, noise, congestion, life going too fast, people driving too fast…the hurry hurry hurry that gets in the way of living. Yeah, that’s what I get up for every morning! You keep plugging at him…you’ll wear him down. I say…Get Outta Town!

  4. David says:

    It depends a great deal on the particular piece of property. I once owned a 12 acre piece of property where it felt like it was me vs mother nature every weekend for the first three years. I spent endless hours cutting down poison ivy, cutting up dead trees, burning brush piles, brush hogging, fence building, mowing, etc. It’s good work, though. The kind that makes you sleep well with a sense of accomplishment. I would do it again, although I would probably choose a somewhat “tamer” piece of property.

  5. MelodyA. says:

    I’d say our country life still has city life pros. But we still have great restaurants near, we just get non- chain adorable, quaint restaurants. A NEIGHBORHOOD coffee shop beats Starbucks anyday. HEB is not next door but it makes me more aware of what I need to buy for the whole week which I think is a plus. We could have horses but we surely have raccoons, ring tail cats, snakes, skunks, porcupines, armadillos in our yard. Our kids can play in the front yard and hardly ever get near the street. Doesn’t that sound appealing? 🙂

  6. thegypsychic says:

    ya’ll are great fun! And thanks for helping me with the list. 🙂

  7. Hey!!

    What part of Texas do you live in?

  8. thegypsychic says:

    I live in San Antonio, TX.

  9. Debra says:

    Hi Amy,

    Love the house in the picture. Where we live is so much quieter than when I lived in another large city(the desert)….now I see deer and have the beautiful trees. But, it’s still the city….sometimes I too have the yearning to move to a small town. I just think you’d appreciate freedom and land so much more. You wouldn’t have all the stress that comes with being around so many people…all trying to get to the same place at the same time. Most important, I think (literally) you’d have and would take the time to smell the roses. My wish is that your dream comes true.

  10. Wendy says:

    What part of Texas “country” would you like to live in? I live in Frankli, MA but would LOOOVE to live in Texas even though I have never been there before. Dripping Springs was a top 10 town to live in, have you ever been there?

    • thegypsychic says:

      Hi Wendy, I really like Boerne or New Braunfels. I have never been to Dripping Springs, but I hear that it is a really cute town. Might have to venture out there one day and take some pictures 🙂

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