I sometimes let things control my life that I shouldn’t. I get swept away by emotions and my own insecurities.

At times I tend to give into the fear:

the fear of judgment,

the fear of rejection,

 or even the fear of failing.

  But today I let go put my faith in you. 


Because without you, I might drown.

It was a rough morning, my little darling woke up saying that her throat was a bit sore, and with the scare of the swine flu, the school nurse had asked the children to stay home if they felt sick. Of course if you tell this to a bunch of 2nd graders, all the hear is “stay home.” I knew that with her, it was allergies. I asked her if she felt like she could tough it out today, and she said that she would try.

I really wanted her to go to school today, because today was the  beginning of my first Bible Study.  We are studying “Because of Jesus” by Connie Witter.  I will confess that doing a bible study is a little out of my comfort zone. Sometimes I feel like I am not the stereotypical perfect christian woman.  But we all have our own shortcomings, right.

My sweet girl went to school, and I was able to go. I went to drop my son off at the day school, and they could not find him on the list. He was not registered. They reassured me that is wouldn’t be a problem, and showed us to our room.

Many of the other women had known each other for other studies that they had done before. I sat alone. Now, I know what you are thinking…

I am the GYPSY CHICK, you love to wonder around alone, and discover. And you are right. I do. But sometimes it is  nice to have a friend on your journey.

Just then, a friend sat beside me. She is going to lead the group.  I was excited, but now there is absolutely  no way that I can quit. She knows where I live…


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5 Responses to Journey

  1. Jennifer says:

    I guess insecurity is something that often hit SAHM’s. I could have written these lines myself and have felt them recently. The Bible study sounds great. You’ll have to let me know how it goes. We are doing Believing God by Beth Moore on Wednesday nights. If nothing else, I am looking to build my faith and hoping that will add to my confidence as well.

    xo, Jennifer

    • thegypsychic says:

      It really looks like it is going to be a good study, I am very excited about it. And the women in there seem to be very nice.
      I think that they are going to do a Beth Moore study in the fall, but not sure which one. :)Good luck on your study!

  2. I envy you – I wish I could get out more! I tend to stay in my little shell a lot.

    I have a gallery opening March 6th. Can you imagine? Photographs that *I* took, people examining them, talking about them, talking to me. Maybe I can play the part of reclusive photographer that night and HIDE. 🙂

  3. i wish i could hug you right now… to show you how much i love… relate… get this post.
    well said!
    and you go girl… stick with the study… it will be great.
    i sure wish i could find a group of women to do this with… i miss it.

    i think i’ll check out that book too. 🙂

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