Za Za part 2

While the hubby relaxed and watched a football game, I decided to venture out and take pictures of the hotel.

This is the hallway to the 4th floor.I love how the walls that lined the hallway had mostly black and white images, except at the elevators.

I climbed in with Heff & the Girls. Told him for the 5th time that I could not join them, and went to the 12th floor.

Then, I fainted…

 Ok, not really, but I wanted to.

I just love this carpet.

The  Twelfth floor is where Magnificent Seven Suites  are. Beautiful!

The last stop was just outside of the lobby elevators. I just love how the blue light hit the crystal  chandelier! I wonder if I could do this to my chandelier at home?

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3 Responses to Za Za part 2

  1. Debbie York says:

    Good gosharover, but that is some kind of living! I think that carpet is tray sheek…but I don’t think I could make it work in the Casita de Trash…maybe the canned ham?

  2. Jennifer says:

    Wow! Talk about swanky! I know you enjoyed your walk through the hotel….I am sure it was quite relaxing as well as inspiring.


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