Kids in the Kitchen

I believe in letting the kids pitch in and help out whenever possible in the kitchen.

Allowing the kids help  gives them skills that they might not otherwise find in other activities.

It allows them to use their math skills in measurement &  problem solving skills . If my measuring cup only holds 1 cup, but I need 3 cups of something, what do I do? (I tend to only grab this one on purpose shh don’t tell them.)

Also, they tend to be more open to trying new things if they have a helping hand in preparing the meal with you.

The only problem with this it that Mason tends to eat, or licks the spoons while he is helping out.

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2 Responses to Kids in the Kitchen

  1. David says:

    Fun times in the kitchen! Great pics!

  2. Andria says:

    What cute kiddos!

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