Dancing Shoes


Being blessed with three, very active children, there are very few times when we are able to slip away and have a little one on one time.

Since  headline concert tickets tend to be a little expensive, I came up with a crazy idea to check on a local dance hall to see who all would be singing in the next couple of weeks.  At Cowboys Dance Hall,you can buy a ticket to sit upstairs at a table for $25 a person.  

We decided  on Kevin Fowler.  He really put on a good show.                                 

Pictures were taken with Morgan’s little Fuji, it is a little hard to two-step with a large Sony around your neck;)

I love to dance, but haven’t done it in YEARS. Geez, am I feeling it today.


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1 Response to Dancing Shoes

  1. Wendy says:

    LOL!!! I haven’t been dancing in years either. I went recently w/some friends….OH YA…I was feelin it the next day too!

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