Hello world!

Hello!  I am  Amy and I am The Gypsy Chic

I am a thirty-something free-spirited woman , stay at home mother of three (Gee, can you see how the conflicts comes in?), who is looking to try new things and learn a little more about myself along the way.

Since having three children, with large distances in age, I am constantly being challenged as a mother.  Each child was blessed with their own special personality.

This is the Family:

This is the Family

The High Maintenance Teenager (15)


The Artsy Fartsy  Middle Child (8)


The Baby (2 ½ )


So join me on this endless journey of self discovery.

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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. David says:

    I beg to differ! That first picture can’t be called “the family” because you’re not in it! Hope Santa gives you a tripod for Christmas so you can fix that problem! But I know how that goes. I, too, spend more time behind the lens than in front of it. Oh well. That’s a nice looking crew you’ve got there!

  2. Love your pics and your family! I live in SE Texas, between Houston and Galveston, but the SA area is beautiful (my brother lives there).

    Do you ever get over to Stamp Antonio? I love that store and have followed it around to it’s many locations.

    I hope to blog more on my blog. I have been very, very bad.


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